European Spaceward Association A.s.b.l.

Founded March 6, 2007 in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Co. Nr. F6949) as a non-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging, publicising, sponsoring and supporting European participation in space research challenges.

Chair: Benoit Michel
Vice-Chair: Pierre Rochus
Secretary/Treasurer: Nelson Semino
Technical Director: Martin Lades
PR Director (contact/queries):

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Space Challenges
European Space Elevator Challenge (EUSPEC) 17-20.09.2018, Garching:
European Rover Challenge:
Google XPrize Lunar Challenge:
Space Exploration Masters:
Copernicus Masters:
Breakthrough Prize:

International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC):
European Young Engineers:
European Association of Aerospace Students (EUROAVIA):
Space Renaissance Initiative:
Moon Society:
Mars Society:
The SpaceShaft Endeavor:

Newspace Europe:
EU Space Policy Conference 23-24.01-2018, Brussels: